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Key Facts:

Maschinentyp: KMC 4000 SV F

  • SV-Series is designed from the SD-series with 33.5"(850mm) Z-axis travel to accommodate taller parts.
  • The X, Y & Z axis are fully supported by rigid boxed ways.

  • The models(D,E,F) with the longer distances between the columns, utilize a total of 4 box ways on the X-axis for enhanced rigidity. The table never travels over extensions, thereby insuring the rigidity throughout the entire travel of all axes.
  • The Y axis utilizes a superior design where by the lower slideway is offset a full 2.76"(70mm) forward from the upper slideway. This greatly enhances the rigidity of the headstock by bringing the center of gravity back into the upper support.
  • Only a distance of 3.35"(85mm) from spindle center to Z-axis slideway.
  • Two gear ranges, helical and spur gears support the spindle transmission system for machining large cavities at low RPM.
  • Extended spindle is a standard accessory for the SV-Series and optional for the SD-Series. This applies for  deep hole drilling and concave milling.
  • Specially designed tool unclamp cylinder. The spindle utilizes a "state of the art" designed hydraulic cylinder. This special design totally eliminates any outside forces from being applied to the spindle bearings when releasing the tool.
  • Pretensioned ballscrews with air cooled thrust bearing.
  • Oil cooled X-axis ballscrew(Models 3000~6000).
  • Dual arm ATC system.
  • Coolant through spindle system option can clean chips from high speed cutting and restrain heat.
  • With optional Fanuc Data Server, 64-bit RISC processor and NURBS Interpolation one can achieve Hi-Speed and Hi-Accuracy Die/Mold Machining.

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